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Massage Services Banner

Massage Services

Massage is the power of touch and probably the oldest form of health therapy. Our healing hands and aromatic oils loosen tight muscles, improve circulation, soothe the mind, nurture the spirit and promote a sense of well-being. Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away, to the point of feeling completely relaxed and carefree.

  • Each massage session is specifically tailored to the individual.
  • We offer integrated Swedish Massage, utilizing techniques from sports, medical, deep tissue, trigger point and relaxation therapies as needed.
  • Clear communication between therapist and client allows for a comfortable and beneficial massage experience.
  • Couples Room is available at no extra charge.Two clients, two therapists, one room. Simply request "Couples Massage" when scheduling for you and a friend.

Hot Stone Therapy

 Time= 75 min  |  $ 100.00  |

Polished lava stones heated in water are placed on the body and used as massage tools to provide a deep relaxation experience.


 Time= 30 min  |  $ 45.00  |

Accupressure points are stimulated on the feet to increase your body's ability to correct imbalances and heal itself.

Pregnancy Massage

|  Time= 60 min  |  $ 65.00  |
|  Time= 30 min  |  $ 45.00  |

A specialized pregnancy table with an abdominal recess enables the mom-to-be to lay prone for full stretch and release of all neck and back musculature.

Therapeutic Tandem Massage

|  Time= 60 min  |  $ 130.00  |
|  Time= 30 min  |  $ 90.00  |

Consists of two therapists working in unison on one client. With the therapists working together, the client receives twice as much work as one-on-one sessions.