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Nail Care Banner

Nail Care Banner

Natural Nail Care

Polish of your choice is included in all manicures and pedicures. FOR YOUR SAFETY WE USE DISPOSABLE FILES AND HOSPITAL-GRADE SANITIZING SUPPLIES.


Spa Manicure

|  Time= 50 min  |  $ 30.00  |

Nails are properly groomed, followed by a relaxing massage on hands and arms. Treatment is finished with your polish choice.

Juicy Apple Manicure

|  $ 35.00  |

Give your hands the attention they deserve with an exfoliating Apple peel to resurface dull and rough complexions. A resurfacing chemical peel and a brightening mask will perfectly energize the skin. Repair a dull and rough surface while firming with peptides and fruit enzymes.

Gel Polish per application

|  $ 35.00 per application |

Goes on like Enamel, wears like Gel. Easy to remove, lasts up to 14 days. No damage to nails.


Spa Pedicure

|  Time= 60 min  |  $ 45.00  |

Begin with a relaxing foot soak. Nails are groomed followed by an exfoliation and a soothing massage on legs and feet. Finish with the polish of your choice.

Relaxing Bourbon Honey Pedicure

|  Time= 75 min  |  $ 50.00  |

Start with a nectar soak, followed by a bourbon bubbler scrub. Finish with a honey-glaze serum that hydrates and infuses skin with vitamins from live papaya fruit. Leaves skin dewy.

Hot Stone Pedicure

|  Time= 75 min  |  $ 50.00  |

Deliver ease to tired legs and feet. Begin with a warm foot soak to soften skin. Legs are then massaged with warm basalt stones. Feel the tension disappear - Ahhh…

Retreat By the Sea

|  Time= 75 min  |  $ 50.00  |

Begin with a foaming sea soak, followed by a sea salt glow that exfoliates skin. A marine mask and a massage with oils of sandalwood, sweet vanilla, and ylang-ylang is performed. End with a moisture-intense cucumber heel therapy that leaves the spirit radiant and glowing.

Paraffin Therapy

|  Feet  |  $ 15.00  |
|  Hands  |  $ 12.00  |

A warming treatment that soothes and rehydrates dry skin and warms aching joints.